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Beat the Heat and Still Save on Energy Costs

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In today’s tight economy, more and more people are resorting to uncomfortable measures to save some money.  One place many people look to cut costs is on their utility bills.  Unfortunately, with traditional electric, the only way to really save money is to cut usage.  With the harsh winters of the past few years and the extreme heat waves of recent summers, turning down the heat or air conditioning causes undue suffering for relatively little money saved.  Fortunately, there is a better way to save on the cost of utility bills by switching from traditional electricity or gas to solar power.

People in New York may be surprised to find that they live in area that has great sunlight and can utilize solar energy much the same way as residents of Florida, California, or the desert Southwest.  Also, many residents don’t realize that there does not need to be sun constantly shining in order to utilize solar power.  By converting sunlight into energy using photovoltaic cells, solar panels are adept at transferring sunlight into usable electricity to power homes. 

Even on cloudy days and at night, solar power can still run the lights, heating and air conditioning and appliances in the customer’s home.  Typically, on a bright, sunny day, solar panels collect more energy than is needed to run household needs.  The energy collected is not wasted but stored through net metering in a power grid, which then operates the power meter in reverse.  This means that even in New York, residents installing solar panels and a net metering system could see energy credits on their utility bills.

New York solar panels from Verengo provide this option to residents in New York.  Verengo Solar deals with top of the line equipment from companies like Suntech, Yingili and LG.  These companies are leaders in solar technology, offering only the most reliable and advanced solar solutions available.  Suntech is the largest manufacturer of silicon solar modules and all of its products come with a 25 year guarantee.  The other brands Verengo trusts for solar energy solutions also have excellent reputations and are industry proven leaders.  LG, for example, produces solar modules that far surpass many other similar products on the market in terms of reliability, performance and ease of installation.

The people at Verengo are very knowledgeable on all of the different products, as well as the numerous money saving opportunities that switching to solar energy can provide.  Verengo customer service starts with a free initial consultation that serves to best determine the individual needs of the customer.  When those needs have been determined, the representatives at Verengo then take care off everything for the customer, navigating through all the tax incentives and legislation to make sure the customer gets the maximum amount of money savings potential in the most hassle free way possible.

There is a piece of mind when working with Verengo.  This is a company that has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and takes pride in their work from start to finish.  The Verengo representatives clearly take pride in spreading green energy and saving their customers money.  In fact, many customers not only receive credits from their electric companies after switching to solar power through Verengo, but also receive their installation with no up front costs and will do everything they can to save customers money on their power costs.  Suffering without the air conditioning on the next 90 degree day does not have to be the future of energy usage.  There is nothing to lose by investigating the solar energy solutions Verengo has to offer.