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Steamed Cod Fish

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Ingredient:cod fish

  1. 200g fresh cod fillets
  2. Young ginger, sliced long and thin
  3. One large red chilli, sliced long and thin
  4. Lee Kum Kee seasoned soya sauce for seafood
  5. Spring onions, cut into Scm pieces
  6. Chinese parsley

Step 1 : Steam cod for eight to 10 minutes (depending on the fillet’s thickness)

Step 2 : In the last two minutes of steaming, heat some oil in a pan (Andrea uses light soya oil) and fry the ginger till fragrant, then add the chili and soya sauce, followed by the spring onions. Remove the mix quickly so as not to overcook the chili and spring onions.

Step 3 : Place the steamed cod in a serving dish and pour the sauce mix over, then top with Chinese parsley. Serve immediately.