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What’s the best form of exercise for back pain sufferers?

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back-painWhile there can be several causes, back pain is usually associated with weak abdominal muscles. The best way to repair the problem is to strengthen these core “powerhouse” muscles and elongating your back muscles. Your posture will be improved with stronger stabilizing muscles for the spine. Proper carriage is achieved, thus relieving undue stress and tension on your back.

Every Pilates exercise is an abdominal exercise because the abs are always engaged. At the same time, Pilates works to strengthen and lengthen the muscles supporting your spine evenly and uniformly. By re-balancing the muscles that support your spine, you can reverse the discomfort of an aching back.

Whatever the condition of your back, you would benefit from Pilates exercises as they restore strength and keep the spine flexible, while maintaining the natural curves of the neck and the middle and lower back. Please get a professional doctor advice if your encounter back pain.