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A Unforgetable Trip To Nehemiah House, Philippines

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nehemiah_houseStudents at our school are presented with a challenge each year to research, plan, organize and then carry out an independent low-cost trip based on the JTS’s action and service requirements. The challenge is known as Project Week…but actually is Fun Week.

For our project, three of my classmates and I had to plan a trip to somewhere in the region to help the less fortunate. Our budget for the trip was set at NZ $500 each and we had to plan everything ourselves, from our airline tickets and visas to accommodation.

N House DanceAfter researching the organizations we could help, we decided on Nehemiah House, a shelter for girls who have been sexually or physically abused, in Malaybalay, Philippines. We went on our six-day visit last January.

Nehemiah House is located on a mountain, and it took us 18 hours to get there from the airport. When we arrived, the girls were waiting outside the house to greet us. Seeing them put a huge smile on our faces. There were eleven girls, aged 9 to 23. After introductions, we played some games to break the ice, and we also shared our plans to make over their rooms (the girls had told us they wanted their rooms re-decorated).

N_house girlWhen our school described the trip before we left New Zealand, they said it would be a “life-changing experience.” At first I was doubtful, but now I completely agree. I left Nehemiah House with a totally different understanding of what it means to help the less fortunate. My trip made me realize that just donating money is not enough to ease the pain and loneliness of those in need; they also need a friend who can make them smile and give them hope. And love u all.