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Teaching English in China, and learn their culture

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Fujian UniWe went to China last year on a school-sponsored trip to teach conversational English classes. Twenty of us worked at the Fujian  University of Finance and Economics, where we taught classes, culture, movies and played games to help students improve their English.

Our activities included volleyball, dancing, stage performs, exchange gift and leisure activity games. We spent time with the students helping them build relationships by using English. After class, the fun didn’t stop as we had people taking us out to eat or coming with us to enjoy a great meal at the canteen…Very nice food.¬† One student, nicknamed Ah Boy, loved to hang out with us so much that after we ate, he would show us around the campus until our next class started. We even had two parties to foster cultural exchange while we were there.


We did manage to get away from the university a few times to visit landmarks, and we even found a Wal-Mart! But the best part of the whole experience was hanging out with our new friends. All the best to China, and our new friends in there….