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The Solar Energy Movement

Many homeowners struggle to keep up with heating and electrical utilities. The expense is due in large part to heavy dependence upon non-renewable fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. Not only are these fuels expensive, they are doing irreparable harm to the environment! In order to alleviate the financial and environmental burden of getting through hot summers and cold winters, many New Yorkers are switching to solar power.

Residents of the state of New York can convert their homes to solar power without having to worry about affordability. This is achieved through financial incentives, tax credits, and rebates offered by the federal government, the state of New York, and utility companies. Those curious about solar energy conversion will be happy to learn that many customers have had up to 70% of their installation costs compensated through these programs.

Verengo’s solar panels use a grid-tied system, and through the process of net metering, unused solar energy is transferred back to the power grid. This results in utility companies paying back their customers for the returned energy in the form of monetary payback or credit towards the customer’s next electrical bill. Customers are actually able to profit off of their utilities via these “negative” balances! There are plenty of ways to keep track of energy consumption and monitor what customers are saving on their utilities.

Non-renewable fossil fuels are limited in their supply. People are consuming these resources at a much faster rate than they can possibly be produced. The demand is so much higher than the supply that we will eventually run out of them. They are also toxic to the air we breathe. Solar power, however, is a renewable energy source. As long as the sun shines, solar power users will not run out of energy! It is undeniable that solar energy is the choice of responsible and intelligent consumers.

Verengo Solar is a solar energy company based in Southern California. Verengo prides itself on providing trustworthy assistance to those interested in making the switch to solar power. Their customer service is unsurpassed because Verengo is passionate about what they do. And what they do is provide the expertise and guidance homeowners need in converting their home to the clean, green power of the sun.

Furthermore, Verengo solar panels are vertically integrated. This means that Verengo markets, sells, and installs their photovoltaic systems themselves. Verengo’s solar panels are built by the world’s leading manufacturers in silicon panel technology, and come with 25-year warranties. Verengo Solar is not only given the utmost ratings by the Better Business Bureau; they receive excellent customer feedback. Verengo’s customer satisfaction is so high that almost 100% of their customers recommend Verengo to their friends and family members.

As if that was not enough enticement, Verengo is also committed to making their products and services within any customer’s means. They accomplish this through low base prices, no money down leasing options, and affordable financing plans. Converting homes to renewable solar energy has never been more achievable. Additionally, as more and more customers make the switch to sun-powered homes, the price of solar power will decline.

Verengo Solar is leading the United States in the solar energy movement, and New York is at the forefront. Intelligent and responsible consumers understand the importance and benefit of converting their homes with New York solar panels from Verengo. If you are at all curious about making this smart investment, contact a Verengo representative to get started. Their staff is knowledgeable and supportive and would love to answer any questions you might have. Solar energy is no longer the future of energy in America. It is available today!