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A Feasible Step Toward Sustainability

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In the past decade, few industries have come so far as the solar energy field.  With economic and environmental concerns being a significant point of interest these days, solar power has emerged as a reasonable solution both of these pressing issues.  Modern green technology is pushing home and business owners to start rethinking the way that they approach their daily lives, and solar panels are undoubtedly one of the most important developments in recent times.

Most homeowners are under the false assumption that solar power simply is not in the cards for them.  Few would argue against the amazing long-term financial benefits or the environmental implications, but most people think that solar technology just will not fit into their budget.  In the past this may have been true, but CA solar power from Verengo is changing the way that NY, NJ, and CA residents think about residential solar power.

California, New Jersey, and New York are fortunate to have generous rewards programs in place from both local and federal governments.  Many solar users have 30-50% of their equipment costs covered by tax write-offs, grants, rebates, and cash-back options.  New Jersey even has a unique voucher system that lets homeowners accrue receipts for their excess energy and then resell it for cash!

Homeowners who have not taken the time to learn about their local options often treat solar energy as if it is just a dream, not realizing that companies like Verengo Solar are making residential solar power a very real possibility, even for homeowners of modest means.  Payments can be spread out over time, making the transition seamless.  Instead of spending on money on pollution-based energy, homeowners can redirect that money in a much more productive way.  Solar panels add legitimate value to a home, and pay for themselves many times over.

On average, most people pay off their solar energy systems in less than 7 years.  Most solar energy systems come with a warranty of at least 25 years.  That leaves roughly 18 years of free or extremely cheap power.  The savings are truly monumental.  Comparing the cost of going solar with the cost of paying for years of electricity shows that there is just no comparison.  Going solar just makes sense from a financial standpoint.

It is not just a coincidence that there are so many enticing incentives available for solar users these days.  Continuing to rely on fossil fuels is only going to do significant damage to the planet, while depleting the Earth’s resources.  It is for precisely this reason that the government is willing to bargain with homeowners and help cover costs.  This will not always be the case, which is why now is such an exciting time for people who are interested in solar technology for their home.

The bottom line is that solar power is a feasible step towards sustainability that must happen.  Relying on fossil fuels just doesn’t work in these times.  It is not environmentally or financially responsible to keep supporting these corporations.  Instead, it is time to start working towards a new way of living.  It is time to start embracing the renewable resources that are right in front of us and free for the taking.  It is time to go solar.