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Beautiful Furniture and Art

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living style 6

The freedom that has come with my exploration of new concepts of beauty has resulted in a new appreciation of Asian and Eastern-inspired art. A favorite piece of hers is the reclining Buddha figure in the master bedroom, which I found at an antiques shop on Dempsey Road. In the same room is another beloved piece, a framed transcription of a Burmese religious text. I came across this item at Apsara, which specializes in antique Chinese lacquer furniture and Burmese antiques.

Also eye-catching is the collection of figurines from Thoms S.B. Raffles on display in the living room bookcase.

living style 7Despite its size, every nook and corner of the house is used. I will enjoy hosting family and friends and often throw parties. “There’s always music playing and people coming over. It’s a great house for entertaining,” start thinking in my brain.