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Going Solar in New York


Homeowners in New York have come to the logical conclusion – going solar makes sense.  These days, economic turmoil has led many people to have to change the way that they think about their finances.  The average New York homeowner is not happy with their monthly electricity costs, and that is an understatement.  Simply installing solar panels gives savvy homeowners a way to cut down on living costs while also reducing their carbon footprint on this planet.

Most people are aware of the long-term savings that solar power offers, but many are hesitant to make the switch because they assume that the initial installation and equipment costs will not fit into the budget.  This is definitely a legitimate worry, but the fact of the matter is that solar power is actually quite affordable these days.  In fact, most homeowners in New York actually end up making money just by using this exciting new solar technology.

Going solar has serious implications beyond the monetary savings.  Every single household that uses solar power is contributing to a better world – a world that does not rely on harmful fossil fuels.  Current power standards that rely on gas, coal, or oil are causing irreversible destruction to the Earth, which is why the federal government and the state of New York are doing their best to help people to be able to switch to clean solar power.  It is clear that renewable energy sources are the way of the future, but it can be difficult to convince people to change their standard way of living if there is not some sort of incentive.

In order to make solar power a feasible possibility, New York offers some rather appealing benefits for progressive homeowners who are interested in improving their homes with solar panels.  New York solar panels from Verengo can be installed by most homeowners who are interested.  The bottom line is that going solar helps everyone and that is why there are so many incentives and rewards programs in place.

For starters, New York homeowners can expect to enjoy some performance-based incentives for many years to come.  Efficiently run households usually generate far more power than they actually require.  That means that on those especially sunny days, your grid-tied solar energy system will actually provide power for the grid.  That means less fossil fuels being wasted, but that is not all.  The utility companies that you used to write checks to will actually cut you a check for your excess power!

Selling your surplus power is just one of the many ways that you can make solar power pay for itself.  There are also numerous government tax credits, grants, cash back rebates, and more.  Solar panels add value to your home, but you will not have to pay property taxes.  Even though your home’s value increases, you don’t ever pay more.  You can be sure that if you decide to sell your home, that extra money will be appreciated, to say the least.  Solar panels are a long-term investment that cuts down on living costs, but it also a hard asset that has true intrinsic worth.

If you have ever considered going solar in New York before, or if you are just fed up with utility bills, now is the time to look into solar power.  What once was an alternative power option has turned into an obvious solution to a problematic past.  These incentives will not always be available, so now is the time to get in on the ground floor.  The future runs on solar power and now is the time to be a part of this exciting solar revolution!