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Switch to a Renewable Energy Source

All over the world there is a growing urgency regarding greenhouse gas emissions and how they are affecting the planet.  Many highly respected scientists all agree that global temperature shifts are occurring at a rapid pace, and unless a significant change takes place, there could be disastrous effects.  Thankfully, there are green solutions that allow home and business owners to reduce the carbon footprint that is taking its toll on this Earth.

The problem with the power grid is that it relies on fossil fuel for the energy that is necessary to generate electricity.  This has serious repercussions that must be stopped.  When fossil fuels are burned, noxious gases are released into the atmosphere, which causes severe damage to the o-zone layer.  This in turn leaves the Earth susceptible to the harsh UV rays that are causing global warming.

In order to combat this unnecessary destruction, it is imperative that a global switch to sustainable energy sources happens.  Fortunately, we are now at a point in time where this is a legitimate possibility, thanks to companies like Verengo Solar.  Homeowners can easily afford to install verengo solar panels, due to the extremely appealing financial incentives offered by both Verengo Solar, local governments, and federal governments.

By providing residential solar panels at low base costs, Verengo makes it so any homeowner can afford to embrace this importance change.  If that wasn’t enough, there are also flexible monthly payment plans, coupons, and rebates available to help to offset the cost even more.  Verengo representatives are also quite knowledgeable about the various tax breaks and grants that are available to solar users too, which will also dramatically reduce equipment costs.

One of the most appealing aspects of a solar energy conversion is the incredible amount of money that users are able to save.  In fact, many homeowners find that they are able to get off of the grid completely, which results in thousands of dollars in yearly savings.  To top it all off, many solar users can make extra money selling excess power at the end of each month.  Going from paying exorbitant monthly fees to receiving a check is truly a welcome change.

Today’s solar energy systems are not only a great way to save the environment and help the economy; they are also incredibly effective and reliable.  In the past, there was concern about solar panels not being usable when the sun wasn’t shining directly on them (like a solar calculator).  Thanks to today’s innovative photovoltaic systems, this is not a concern.

By storing excess power in photovoltaic cells, these powerful energy systems can provide power – rain or shine, night or day.  These impressive feats of technology are certainly far more advanced than the solar panels that power cheap calculators!

Verengo offers free in-home consultations, as well as an abundant amount of knowledge about making any home greener and more sustainable.  Those who switch to a renewable energy source always find that the feeling of doing something good for humanity, plus the financial benefits, are well worth the simple transition.  There has never been a better time to switch over to clean energy then now.