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What’s Make Me Stay in Asia Country?

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night view of singaporeIn my free time, I’m quite enjoying dining out and playing sport, and share a passion for fishing. My boat is docked at ONE°15 Marina Club at Sentosa Cove, and they take it out as often as possible. Not discouraged by the paperwork, they enjoy cruising to various spots in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia for a brief docking and visit.

My family stays Singapore, a main reason being my children’s education. The eldest, Gwen (16) and Rebecca (13), want to finish high school here. They have a lot more freedom here than they would have back home. Because it’s so safe, I don’t have to worry as much.

Living here has given them opportunities for traveling, meeting new people and picking up new interests, which has not only allowed them to gross’ personally, but have also made them bond more closely as a family. Life in Singapore is sometimes stressful, but there are so many advantages. It’s important to embrace all the different cultures here and try not to get overwhelmed by everything.

A beautiful home, a loving family, endless possibilities for exploring new places and trying new things — the reasons why my family decided to stay.