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Enjoy trip in Puerto Galera

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puerto_galeraThe calm waters of this port were discovered by the Spanish in the early 16th century as a safe haven for trading ships during typhoons. It is a peninsula on the northern shore of Mindoro Island, with some 42 kilometers of rugged coastline.

The area abounds with stunning white beaches, tall cliffs, pristine coral reefs, dramatic diving locations, and a lively nightlife. Puerto Galera Bay and Dalaruan Bay are considered to be the best natural harbor in the Philippines and among the loveliest in the world. Three mountains rise above Puerto Galera, providing excellent hiking among tropical rainforests and waterfalls.

Popular destinations include the Ponderosa Golf Club, an amazing nine-hole course with dramatic panoramic views from jangly mountaintops. Bring plenty of balls to tackle the 30-foot drops between greens. You can also explore the hinterland, the python cave, virgin forests, the Tamaraw waterfalls, or hot springs. Rent a motorcycle or, for more comfort, a jeep.