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Steps to Installing Home Solar Panels with Verengo Solar

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Installing residential solar panels is a major home renovation that requires special preparation and planning. Homeowners should take their time and choose a company that is well known for providing outstanding services, like Verengo Solar. When choosing to install residential solar panels with them, homeowners can rest assure that their competent staff will walk them through every step. Below is a brief look at the different steps that need to be taken in order to install and properly maintain home solar panels.

Contact a Solar Panel Technician
The first step for any homeowner who wants to install home solar panels is to make an appointment with a technician from Verengo Solar. They employ only highly-skilled technicians, who have years of experience installing home solar panels. The technician will meet the homeowner at their home and evaluate their roof and other areas if necessary. They will provide the homeowner with several options for installing their solar panel unit and then provide a detailed and accurate quote. This step will help the homeowner know what to expect and what the overall costs are.

Obtain Financing
The next step for many homeowners is to obtain financing for the costs of installing the solar panels. Verengo Solar has financing options available for qualified homeowners and these options can be discussed with one of their representative. Another common financing option is to obtaining a loan from an independent financial institution. Many financial institutions are more than willing to provide this type of loan to qualified homeowners.

Check on Rebates and Tax Credits
Before the solar panels are installed, the homeowner should make sure that they qualify for both the federal tax credit and the California tax rebate. The staff at Verengo Solar can help the homeowner through this process and advise them on what type of solar panels qualifies for these additional savings. Making sure everything is in place for these credits will eliminate the chance of not qualifying later.

Contact the Electric Company
Homeowners should also contact their electric company prior to installing the solar panels. The electric company will help to ensure that the homeowner receives special discounts. They will also explain to the homeowner the process of selling any excess solar energy back to the electric company. This will help to make sure everything runs smoothly during the transition to solar energy.

Find Out What Maintenance Is Required
Homeowners should ask their Verengo Solar technician for advice on how to properly maintain their newly installed solar panels. Generally, solar panels require very little maintenance, but it is important to know how to properly care for the solar panels. Homeowners should also ask about any warranties that come with the solar panels and make sure they understand what is covered under the policy and what is not.

Add to Homeowner Insurance
The one thing that homeowners do not want to forget to do is to add their new solar panel unit to their homeowner insurance. While Verengo Solar may offer a warranty with the purchase of solar panels, this will not cover everything. Solar panels are fairly expensive, so homeowner should be sure to add this purchase to their insurance policy from day one. This will protect them in case of severe weather or accidental damage.

Verengo Solar is a leading solar panel installation company in the state of California. They services dozens of cities throughout the state, including San Francisco, Burbank, Berkley, Fresno, and Oakland. They have a 97 percent customer approval rating and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Homeowners can be certain when purchasing solar panels from this company that they will receive only top quality services.