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Verengo Solar is Easy to Afford Through Government Incentives and Rebates

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Everyone knows that solar panels provide clean, efficient power to homes that have them installed. What some people are still in the dark about, however, is just how much assistance is available for those looking to upgrade their houses to a solar power system. The federal government, as well as state and local governments, wants to make residential solar panels as affordable as possible, so they have created tax incentives and rebates to help homeowners make the switch. Verengo Solar, the most respected provider of residential solar panels, helps customers in California, New York, and New Jersey to take full advantage of the programs available in their state.

New York
The world’s financial capital is working to become the clean energy capital as well, by providing numerous incentives to New York homeowners for installing solar panels. First of all, there is a generous income tax credit for 25% of the installation cost of a new Verengo Solar home solar panel system. That helps homeowners save up to $5,000 on their initial green energy investment. Furthermore, there is a sales tax exemption for the cost of the equipment, and a property tax exemption to keep the added value of a solar panel system from resulting in a higher tax assessment and bill. New York utilities also offer net metering, which allows homeowners to connect their solar panels to the electricity green and actually sell energy back to the power company. This results in a significant savings and can even let them have a negative electric bill! Verengo Solar can help with getting started today.

New Jersey
Lawmakers in New Jersey have created Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, or SERCs, which are awarded to homeowners based on the amount of electricity their Verengo Solar panels generate. For every 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity produced and send out into the public grid infrastructure, the homeowner receives one SERC. The SERCs can then be sold to power utilities, which are required to purchase them or else face fines from the state utility authorities. As a result, the cost of installing solar panels is rebated over time thanks to all the clean energy that is provided by harnessing sunshine on the homeowner’s roof.

Most people would expect California to be a leader in encouraging widespread solar panel adoption, and it’s true – one of the most impressive rebates of any state is offered by California as an incentive to install Verengo Solar panels. Through the California Solar Initiative, homeowners receive a lump sum rebate once they install their system that is calculated based on the amount of electricity their solar panels are expected to produce. This up-front payment significantly reduces the total expense of installing a solar power system.

United States Government
The United States federal government is also highly invested in helping homeowners to afford a residential solar panel system from Verengo Solar. As part of the stimulus bill passed into law in 2009, a federal income tax credit is available for 30% of installation costs on a new home solar installation.  This credit results in a dramatically reduced start-up cost for converting a home to clean solar energy.

Join the Revolution Today
Green energy is here to stay. As more and more people begin to adopt solar power to reduce their energy costs, governments will begin to reduce the incentives they offer to homeowners. That’s why it’s so important for people to act now in getting a Verengo Solar panel system, in order can get the most help from public investments in clean energy. Their energy bills will go down, their neighbors will be able to use the excess solar power their installation produces, and the whole world will be better off as they help propel America into a clean energy future.