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Simple Steps to Self Treatment ‘Hand Reflexology’:

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handStep 1:

Begin by pinching from tips and bottoms of each finger and thumb of both your right hand and left hand. The pressure applied to your fingers should be firm, but not painful. A few seconds for each finger tip will do. Pinch them again, but this time squeezing from side to side.

Step 2:

Vigorously rub back and forth from the base to the tip of each linger & thumb.

Step 3:

Grasp each finger & thumb at its base and pull firmly. Allow your grip to loosen slightly, graduating it from the base to the finger tip until your finger slips out of your grasp completely.

Step 4:

Using your thumb and forefinger firmly grasp the webbed area between your thumb & forefinger of your other hand. Keeping a firm hold, pull at the skin gently until the fleshy web snaps away from your grasp. Repeat this process for the webbed-between areas on all your fingers.

Step 5:

Rest the palm of your hand inside the fingers of your free hand. Use your thumb to massage the back of your hand. Slowly work on the knuckles and in between knuckle area first. Continue thumb’ massaging each area on the back of the hand.

Step 6:

At the end of your session press your thumb deeply in the center of your palm. Take a few deep breaths. This would help to relax, clear your mind, and focus on your healing intentions.