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California Dating Scene

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dating in carlifornia
California is called America’s ‘Left Coast’ in reference to its healthy and liberal lifestyle. While it is always difficult to generalize, dating in California reflects the lifestyle. Dating in California takes many shapes but what is unique is that fact that people generally enjoy outdoor activities more than usual. The most popular dates are simple things like bike rides, hiking or trips to bio-markets and beaches. Dogs are also very popular in California and a taking a long walk with your dog in one of California’s many parks or beaches is actually a very popular date. In general, dating in California is a relaxed, natural, outdoor-themed scene.

Of course, in places like Los Angeles, the cost of living is high so the dating scene is flashier and focuses more on money. When you have movie stars and athletes in your dating pool, dating there can be a challenge to anyone who does not fit into those categories. Most dates are typical, dinner, a movie, drinks and maybe some dancing. If you are on a budget, think about athletic-based dates. Americans are competitive and most people in Los Angeles are rather body-conscious. A friendly jogging date or a softball game might be a good way to get started dating in California.