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Stylist Home in Asia

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Going on advice and recommendations from friends, she enlisted the home-styling services of Gallery 62. “Jessica was great. She took the floor plan, came up with the color schemes, and was involved in the whole process.”

Sonia says she found it difficult to choose from the large variety of products available, especially carpets and Oriental rugs. “I looked at so many samples. It was hard for me to visualize how they would look against the rest of the decor,” she confesses. In the end, she chose well; the individual rugs and carpets — all from Mohammad’s Carpets — create a distinctive ambiance in each room.

living style 4Experimenting with different color schemes and cultural influences was also a new experience for Erney. She credits Jessica with opening her mind to new home-styling ideas. “Our house in Texas is decorated Mediterranean-style and is furnished in mostly neutral colors, which is fitting for the landscape of California, but not for Singapore or Malaysia. Jessica introduced me to different Asian cultures and brighter colors. I felt freer here to try out new things.”