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Malaysia Culture

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malay+cultureStill remember that my school organized a field trip last year to Malaysia, to learn more about the Malaysian culture.

I couldn’t believe what a huge difference there is between Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, even though they are right next to each other. Malaysia has no much more land and the houses are very different. They seem to lead a much simpler life there.

A local guide took us to explore the rocky seashore. There were hermit crabs, snails and mudskippers. We also saw mangrove roots, which are called pencil roots, sticking out of the water to absorb oxygen. I was sad to see how polluted the entire area was. When people litter, they do not realize the harm it does to the marine plants and animals.

We also visited a Malay village and I noticed that the girls were dressed differently, wearing headscarves and less revealing attire. This is because Malaysia is an Islamic country. At the local school, we ate Malay food with our hands! It was fun interacting with the students. Their hospitality was overwhelming. It was definitely a great experience for me!

I love Malaysia…..